PRESTATION : IECEx international certification

IECEx 02 equipment scheme

The IECEx Equipment certification scheme is a voluntary certification system. It offers to manufacturers of equipment intended for use in explosive atmosphere a means to obtain an IECEx certificate of conformity. This IECEx certificate can be accepted in the participating countries in which this certification scheme is recognised.

Due to certain national regulations IECEx certificate can’t be used to put the equipment on the market. In this case the IECEx certified equipment requires a national certification or assessment. This is the case for the EU countries where an assessment against the 94/9/EC Directive must be carried out. However the assessment of an IECEx certified product coming from a country outside EU is largely simplified due to the fact the tests carried out by an ExTL can be used by a Notified Body.

This IECEx certification scheme as well as the different procedures which result from this, composes the rules of IECEx certification based on voluntary matter. These various documents composing the frame of the assessment contains mainly international Ex standards and various documents available on of the IECEx website.

If case of result of each stage of the assessment satisfying the IECEx 02 rules, an IECEx certificate of conformity (IECEx CoC) can be issued.

This global certificate of conformity is issued by a Certification Body recognized by the IECEx: ExCB (Ex Certification Body). The delivery by ExCB of this certificate of conformity is carried out on the basis:

  • Assessment and test results of the samples attesting of their conformity with the IEC standards which apply to this equipment. These assessment and tests must be carried out by a laboratory recognized by the IECEx: an ExTL (Ex Testing Laboratory).
  • Results of the assessment and audit of the quality assurance system of the manufacturers carried out by ExCB. This audit attests that the manufacturer manufactures his product under a quality assurance system and that the IECEx certification scheme requirements, under the surveillance of ExCB, are satisfied.
  • Follow-up of the monitoring of the quality assurance system of the manufacturers carried out by ExCB.

Ineris is recognised by the IECEx as:

  • ExCB to issue the IECEx certificates of conformity and to carry out the audits of the quality assurance systems.

ExTL in order to carry out tests and assessment on equipment and to deliver Ex Tests Reports (ExTR).

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