PRESTATION : Certification


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Ineris is Certifying Body to implement Regulations (1) as well as for designing and carrying into effect Voluntary Certification Schemes conforming to so-called informal standards. That voluntary scheme initiative provides guidance for a safer innovation in the context of controlling risk for a sustainable development (2, 3).

In the frame of the French National Action Plans for EVs and PHEVs development and international efforts for promoting harmonized standards, Ineris offers ELLICERT Certification Scheme for batteries, cells and packs intended to be installed in those vehicles.

The ELLICERT Certification Scheme has been elaborated by a group of stakeholders such as batteries manufacturers, automotive car manufacturers, cars fleet managers, experts and NGOs led by Ineris.

The ELLICERT Certification Scheme aims to demonstrate the fulfillment of global safety levels linked to the resistance to electrical, mechanical or thermal misfunctioning or stimuli. That Certification is devoted to batteries users by providing confidence in their safe behavior before the mounting on vehicles, and to batteries manufacturers willing to demonstrate independently the quality and safety of their products.

The ELLICERT Certification Scheme is based on abuse testing, with a comprehensive selection of international standards, and leads to the issue of Ineris certificates for a defined Safety Class amongst 3 Classes A, B and C.

The ELLICERT Certification Scheme provides a major contribution for making batteries safer. In addition, it may allow compliance with various other schemes - like UN Manual Section 38.3 for Transport of Dangerous Goods, ISO 12405 and IEC 62660 standards - due to advanced harmonization process between ELLICERT and those schemes. At the same time, Ineris can issue TRANSPORT CLASSIFICATION CERTIFICATES for new or used batteries valid for the different transport modes.


(1)    EU Directives 93/15/EEC, 94/9/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2006/42/EC, 2007/23/EC - see
and various national regulations
(2)    italics: INERIS baseline
(3)    INERIS issues certificates along more than 10 voluntary schemes, amongst them a series at international level