S-NANO: Ineris NanoSafety platform

At the nanometric scale, a material has specific physical, chemical and biological characteristics. A better understanding and evaluation of potential risks generated by the production and use of nanomaterials, throughout their life cycle, is essential.

Ineris has a 10 years’ experience in nano safety and now operates a nanosafety platformS-NANO, which is unique in France.

Composed of 4 laboratories with controlled atmosphere, it is dedicated to the assessment of physico-chemical hazards of nanomaterialsworkers and population exposure and the evaluation of associated risks. It possesses state of the art nanoparticles observation, measurement and counting devices (TEM, BET, particle counters, granulometers…) that are also used for field measurement campaigns. It aims at developing knowledge and expertise with the objective of promoting clean and secure nanotechnologies.

The S-NANO platform offers operational solutions for risk management throughout the life cycle of nanomaterials: study of the physico-chemical characteristics of nanoparticles and nanostructured materials; determination of safety parameters of combustible powdered nanomaterials (flammability, explosiveness, static electricity); use and development of the most effective instruments for testing, metrology and characterization for use on nanomaterials, analysis and modelling of the behaviour of powders at the nanometric scale (rheology, suspension, dispersion potential) and investigation of granulation and agglomeration mechanisms; assessment of the emissivity of nanoparticles by materials in ambient air (dustiness) and by manufactured products containing nanomaterials when subject to external mechanical (abrasion, use), thermal (combustion, incineration), ultra-violet or chemical aggressions throughout their life cycle.

Ineris can provide support in the development of safer nanomaterials and the application of nanosafety principles to products and industrial processes.