Energetic materials – Explosive, pyrotechnical and chemical products presenting risks of explosion or fire

The “energetic materials” studied at Ineris include explosive products and pyrotechnical articles destined for civil use, chemical products with a more or less risk of explosion or fire, as well as associated activities.

For manufacturers, users and/or distributors of:

Explosive products and pyrotechnical articles

Ineris is a notified organisation which performs evaluations and tests of your explosive (93/15/CE Directive) or pyrotechnical (2007/23/CE Directive replaced by the 2013/29/EU Directive) products for civil use intended to be placed on the market (fireworks, pyrotechnical articles for automobiles, theatres and cinemas and pyro mechanisms, etc.) or for use in mines as well as their classification in the appropriate division (trials for classes 1, 9 or non-classified) for the transport of dangerous goods.

Chemical products with explosion or fire risks

With more than thirty years of experience in the field of chemical products and their explosive or fire properties (nitrates, chlorates, perchlorates, organic peroxides, ionic liquids, etc.) Ineris performs classification tests according to the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria or according to the requirements of French regulations (classes 4, 5 or non-classified) for the transport of dangerous goods.

Vibration and detonation speed measurements

Ineris also performs vibration measurements in mines and sensitive zones in the ground, detonation speeds in situ, etc. as well as providing services upon request for the evaluation of dangerous phenomena (toxicity of shoot smoke, sensitivity of pyrotechnical compositions to various aggressions, measurement of the performance of explosives, tests in a 50m3 armoured chamber, measurements of overpressure in air, etc.).