Chemical Process Safety: description of experimental means to characterise thermal runaway

Thermal runaway corresponds to the loss of temperature control of a reaction medium due to an exothermic reaction. This loss of temperature control can lead to a thermal explosion which is characterised by a brutal release of a significant amount of energy, often accompanied by strong gas and/or vapour emission, which be flammable and/or toxic.

The rupture of the reactor as well as the explosive combustion of flammable vapours and gases can cause a blast destroying building and creating secondary fires, capable of rendering the overall consequences more serious by the domino effect.

In order to prevent these hazardous phenomena, chemical reactions and products must be evaluated.

Ineris provides these technical services to determine hazards related to your activity (decomposition, thermal runaway, etc.).

Our expertise in the chemical processes safety field is based on rigorous methodological tools, active research and experimental means, which allow us to evaluate hazards related to the use of your products and your chemical reactions and prevent hazardous phenomena (decomposition, thermal runaway, etc.).