Application of the ATEX regulations relative to the protection of workers

The objective of ATEX regulations is to improve the health and safety of workers exposed to the risks of explosive atmospheres.

If you operate a process or equipment in which a combustible material is used in conditions in which an ATEX is susceptible to form you are subject to ATEX regulations.

Ineris can help you to apply ATEX regulations by proposing guidance in performing all or part of the steps of risk analysis required by regulations: determination of the explosiveness and flammability characteristics of combustible materials, on-site animation of the ATEX risk analysis regarding the formation and ignition of an ATEX, taking into account incident or accident feedbackevaluation of the effects resulting from ATEX ignition (in relation to the volume and location of the ATEX), proposition of means of prevention of explosions or means of protection against explosionsidentification of locations where dangerous ATEX can form, classification in zones of these locations and sizing of ATEX zonesexamination of the adequacy of electrical and non-electrical materials installed in identified ATEX zones, supply of the various elements necessary for the preparation of the explosion protection document required by regulations, training of personnel.