Accident investigation

Accident investigation has the goal of establishing, in the most complete and precise way possible, the most probable accident scenario and identify all its potential technical, human or organisational causes. After the definition of this scenario, Ineris is able to propose recommendations in order to improve the safety of the industrial plant. When necessary, Ineris can contribute to exchanges between the plant manager or owner and administration.

Ineris’ approach progresses through following steps:

Establishment of the event chronology: nature of the involved materials and processes, sequence, circumstances of the accident and its effects (thermal, overpressure, toxic).

Determination of the most likely scenarios: formulation of hypotheses, when necessary by using testing means (e.g.: calorimetrical trials, reproduction of small- or mid-scale phenomena), graphic representations (cause tree) or modelling (effects of dangerous phenomena, damages to structure).

Evaluation of human and technical safety barriers: identification of safety devices, procedures, activities or tasks and evaluation of their performance (independence, response times, individual and collective behaviour, etc.).

Human and organisational analysis: taking into account prescribed and formal procedures, safety management systems (SMS), etc. and informal dimensions (discrepancies with procedures, representations, cultural dimensions, leadership, etc.).

Formulation of recommendations: technical, human and organisational aspects, prioritization of actions, recommendations for the short, mid, and long term.

Ineris also guides you in the implementation of these recommendations.